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Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas!!!!!

I hope all of you have a marvelous holiday season!  Thanks for being my friends.  I am thankful for each and every one of you, and for the fandom that has brought us all together.  The greatest gift I have received from HP fanfiction is getting to know all of you.

Crazy psycho customers

I had a funny call this evening. At least it left me laughing. Customer calls in and explains that she paid her bill on Dec 6th. (Wow!) She then made another payment a couple of days ago because she assumed we'd already taken the first payment out of her account. She overdrew her account which caused her bank to slap fees on her.

Her request?

Since this was our fault for not taking the payment out when she expected us to, she wanted us to refund her overdraft fees from her bank.

I'll let you all chuckle to yourselves for a minute.

Being ever so diplomatic, I explained that she would need to dispute with her bank if she wanted those fees taken off, so then she asked if I could just give her some kind of credit on her bill.

Ok, I try to be pleasant, upbeat... personable... (not rude). So, I bit my tongue and advised the customer that I was sorry, but I couldn't do that. Well, she insisted that it was obviously our fault that she had these overdrafts because she'd assumed that the money was taken out already.

(Bites tongue again, then decides to educate the customer about the real world.)

"Sorry, ma'am, but you need to subtract these payments from your balance in your checking account so these things don't happen. We can't credit something that occurred because you didn't balance your checkbook."

"But this is your fault! If you had taken out that money when I expected it, it would have been there. It was waiting for you to take it."

(Decides this is a losing battle with a moron.) "Sorry, ma'am, but I can't credit your account. Can I help you with anything else tonight?"


And that, my friends, is what the definition of passing the buck is. (Shakes head in disbelief at lack of accountability with some people.)

SSHG Reveal

I have to send mega-thanks to labrt2004 for my wonderful fic "Wars of our Fathers". Truly stunning job there. I couldn't have imagined a better gift!

(Bid for attention and reviews): My offering was "Changed Plans" for madamsnape

Much hugs and love to my behind the scene helpers. slytherinlaurel as my lickity split beta and brenamarie as my alpha. You ladies rock my socks, and this fic would never have been 1/2 as good without your help.

On a brighter note...

Run, don't walk, to the sshg exchange and go read my gift. It's incredible. It's mature and romantic, and wonderful. Exactly what I was looking for, and even more than what I'd hoped. Thanks mystery author for a great read! Now go!



My dad suffered a sever stroke a week ago Monday. He was put in ICU and I was able to get to him in Detroit on Wednesday. He passed away quietly that evening. The doctor said his pulse had been strong all day until about ten minutes before I got there. I think he was waiting for me.

Needless to say, I've been in quite a whirlwind trying to get everything arranged. I believe by tomorrow I will have everything taken care of. We had a lovely memorial on Sunday at the independent living apartments where he lived. Truly, my dad was known and loved by everyone. He was 91 and still had his faculties up until last Monday.

I know not everyone here has religious beliefs, so I try to keep my mouth shut about mine, but I have felt very peaceful during this whole thing. His memorial was exactly what I wanted. I got the opportunity to say a few words and sing a hymn. The Rabbi (my dad was Jewish) gave a beautiful eulogy that accentuated how happy he made everyone instead of how sad we were about losing him, and that's exactly what I wanted. I'm sad he's gone, but I know I will see him again. His death was just the loss of his body, I felt his spirit with me in the room even after they pronounced him.

Now, the sad part is that I've been living with the elderly for a week. I find that almost more depressing than my father's loss, and I'll explain why. These lovely people all had normal lives just like you and I. They were young and vital. Some... a few... still are vital. However, there are so many here who suffer from dimentia or other ailments that make them only half of what they were. My dad's girlfriend of seven years is one of those. She's almost 98 and took her teeth out right in front of me at dinner tonight. She sometimes doesn't know what's going on around her, or obsesses about her salad. I knew her when she was vibrant, and it's just sad to see. What's also sad, is that we will all someday be like her, possibly. I hope I'm more like my dad, vibrant and aware until the end. But who can tell?

Sorry to be a wet rag here. My next update, which will be gushing with praise for my sshg gift, will be posted shortly. I wanted that to have its own limelight instead of being buried in this dismalness. My point here, though, is that if someone you know falls into this elderly category, give them some understanding. I've seen a lot of nastiness or just nonchalance towards these people this week. I don't think anyone would want their mother or father treated that way.

Check-in time

It's been a while, I know. It seems like every time I DO write up an entry it begins something like that, doesn't it? Anyway, Salt Lake is lovely. We had snow yesterday. SNOW. It stuck for about an hour and has been overcast all weekend. The mountains look lovely, though, with their blanket of white.

I got a promotion of sorts at work! ~Does the happy dance~ It's a new position as a 'transition' team lead. Basically I'll be working with the newly trained reps and helping them to get their metrics in line and feel welcome in the company. Each group will last six weeks, then I'll move on to a new group. I was one of three chosen out of a pool of ten very qualified team leads.

My 18 y.o. is moving back in at the end of the month, which means a trip back to Cheyenne for me. Money is tight, and I hope I have enough for the trip. Jack lost his job about a week ago, and I'm not sure how this month will go. I am getting a raise with my promotion, but won't see it for a couple of weeks. Praying I can find the money to do everything needed this month and not have anything shut off for lack of paying. LOL Oh well. It'll work out, it always does.

Have been engrossed in the SSHG exchange. The offerings have all been wonderful this round. Am looking forward to more as the days and weeks go on.

For some reason, instead of doing something productive, I've been sitting at this computer most of the day. Not sure if I'm just bored, tired, or need to veg. Going to a movie with the youngest tonight. She's been begging to go see HP7 a 2nd time because her other sisters have seen it at least three times each. So, I'm indulging her. It's just she and I tonight, so Mommy/daughter date. :) Will try not to boo-hoo when Severus' memories are played. They're so poignant.


The move to Utah was uneventful. I managed to get myself there, driving a moving truck with my van in tow. I even strapped the dang car to the tow vehicle because the old folks at U-Haul told me they couldn't do it for me.

"That's why I gave you the pamphlet," the old woman crooned.

Half an hour, a downpour, and some frustrated expletives later, I'd done it myself. Now I'm the queen of tow behind hookups.

I'm almost done unpacking. I love my new apartment and my new neighborhood. It's very peaceful, and I forget I'm in the city when I'm walking around it with my toy poodle. He loves it too. There's ducks to chase, and any number of other dogs to sniff up.

The only down part is the room my girls are sharing isn't big enough for all their stuff. I downsized from a 5 bedroom house to a 2 bdrm apt. I'm happy I fit anything in here! They'll do fine, if they don't kill each other. Maggie's been off at camp all week, so we'll see how it goes when she's back, bored, and ready for school to begin.

Speaking of which, they wouldn't let me register her at all because I had an old immunization record that was missing some things. At least in Wy they give you 30 days to rectify the situation. A quick call to my Dr. and a fax showing she truly was up to date and I can reschedule her registration.

I've been on vacation all week. I am thinking I'll not want to go back Sunday, but what can you do? LOL

The Movie--some spoilers

I enjoyed HP7 very much. Didn't cry as much as I expected, but I did cry. Now I'm just feeling a bit spent. The Snape death scene was what I had hoped, and more than I expected, and ever-so-tragic. I loved the humanity that Alan Rickman gave Severus in this. There was surprising warmth in his voice when he addressed Harry, and I really liked that. I also loved his face when Minerva confronted him to duel. You could tell it was the last thing he wanted to do.

And may I say, I loved, loved, loved Minerva in this. She was absolutely fantastic in every way, and I was so glad to see her get some real quality screen time.

Overall, the movie went too quickly. I think it was a combination of where they started, and just the fact that pacing is fast on the screen, but before I knew it, they were already heading to Gringotts, and then to Hogwarts.

And although I've known Severus would die in the end, I feel like I'm mourning him all over again.


This morning I woke up and thought: "Today, I don't feel like doing anything... but work on my sshg fic!"

4000 words and one and a half chapters later, I feel great!

Putting everything off until tomorrow DOES work!